Tryouts & Open Gyms

Open Gyms

Open Gym is intended to be an opportunity to come, play, and experience the Advantage coaching staff, training environment, and facilities.

Location: Netsports

Please note, even though 15U & 16U and 17U & 18U are combined for open gyms, we do want you to register for the age bracket that you qualify for and intend to tryout for.

Wave #1 Open Gyms

15U & 16U17U & 18U
Saturday 7/15 10-11:30amSaturday 7/15 12-1:30pm
Sunday 7/16 2:30-4pmSunday 7/16 1-2:30pm
Sunday 7/23 2:30-4pmSunday 7/23 1-2:30pm
Saturday 7/29 2:30-4pmSaturday 7/29 1-2:30pm
Sunday 7/30 1-2:30pmSunday 7/30 2:30-4pm

Wave #1 Tryouts

15U16U17U & 18U
Friday 8/4 5:00-6:30pmFriday 8/4 7-8:30pmThursday 8/3 6-7:30pm
Saturday 8/5 9-10:30amSaturday 8/5 2-3:30pmSaturday 8/5 11:30am-1pm
Sunday 8/6 11:30am-1pmSunday 8/6 2-3:30pmSunday 8/6 9-10:30am

Wave #2 Open Gyms

11U & 12U13U & 14U
Sunday 9/10 2:30-4pmSunday 9/10 1-2:30pm
Sunday 9/17 2:30-4pmSunday 9/17 1-2:30pm
Sunday 9/24 2:30-4pmSunday 9/24 1-2:30pm
Sunday 10/1 2:30-4pmSunday 10/1 1-2:30pm

Wave #2 Tryouts

11U & 12U13U & 14U
Saturday 10/7 10:30am-12pmSaturday 10/7 3-4:30pm
Sunday 10/8 10:30am-12pmSunday 10/8 3-4:30pm

Parent Information Sessions


Team Guides

Coming Soon!

Tryout Process

  1. We choose NOT to give out offers before tryouts. Every slot is available going into the first tryout session. However, we will have a more accurate evaluation of your athlete the more we see them in our summer series, camps, and open gyms.
  2. Our tryouts will be OPEN to parents. We believe that parents witnessing how we interact, instruct, and evaluate the athletes is a benefit to our program. We love when parents want to watch tryouts/practice/clinics.
  3. Offers
    1. Offers will immediately start going out after the first tryout session. This means everyone's odds are best by making it to the first day of tryouts.
    2. Our offers are good for 48hrs. This provides families time to consider everything involved but allows the club to fill teams and ensure that the other members of that team are taken care of as well.
  4. Age Groups
    • 11U - born on, or after 7/1/2012
    • 12U - born on, or after 7/1/2011
    • 13U - born on, or after 7/1/2010
    • 14U - born on, or after 7/1/2009
    • 15U - born on, or after 7/1/2008
    • 16U - born on, or after 7/1/2007
    • 17U - born on, or after 7/1/2006
    • 18U - born on, or after 7/1/2005 or still in high school
    • *Some athletes' birth dates fall into a different group than their school grade. We believe in finding the best FIT for the athlete based on the totality of factors including level of play, maturity, recruiting implications, etc.