Train Tough


Spearheaded by one of our coaches, Ilani Myers, Train Tough is our mindset training program. Train Tough offers foundational sessions where athletes will develop their mental toughness through the introduction of tools and techniques. It explores many facets of the mental side of competition and teaches the athletes more control over their performance. Each week has a different focus on our path to becoming stronger both individually and as a team. Below are just a few of our weekly segments.

  • Centering Breaths
  • React and Regain
  • Handshakes, High-fives, and Huddles
  • One More Rep
  • Daily Check-in
  • Reset Cue
  • Reframing
  • Personal Highlight Reel
  • Pre-Competition Routines

Ilani also brings in guest speakers and facilitates Q and As with current and former collegiate athletes about their experiences and challenges at different points in their volleyball careers.

Q&A with Current/Former College Athletes


Train Tough helped me leave my mistakes in the past. It also helped me set goals for myself and build a stronger bond with my team through the exercises.
- Elliana E.

Train Tough allowed me to reflect and see where I could improve. Before workouts, we would write about our game-play and discuss it with each other. Ilani was so supportive and helped me through the struggles that I had throughout the season. I definitely became a better player through this program and I am so glad that I participated!
- Adi K.

Embracing Challenges Board


I really enjoyed Train Tough. We knew we could talk about issues and relax in a safe space. Ilani's lessons were engaging and helped our team bonding through communication and relating to each other.
- Aggie A.

Having the tools to improve my mental game helped me improve as an overall player.
- Adlee G.

Mindset Reflections


My experience as an athlete highlighted the importance of mental toughness and nurturing my mindset as well as my body. I wanted to share the knowledge that I gathered late in my collegiate career with young athletes to support them along their own journey. Train Tough allowed me to build relationships, share techniques, and be a resource for the girls. The embraced all of the tasks and tools they were taught!
- Coach Ilani

Younger Teams' Q&A