Technical Position Training

TPT was a huge success this year and we are bringing it back with an even more in depth curriculum. TPT sessions are focused by position and include demos, statistical breakdown, video breakdown, and a TON of reps. We include stats, film, attacking charts, and many other teaching tools from our club teams, our college teams, US National Teams, and other high level sources. We push technique, situational awareness, and try to develop motor patterns/pattern recognition that will benefit our players in competition. Below are some of the session titles from this past season.

  • Setters: Go-Pull Spacing and Vision, Timing the Middle, 3-Red Spacing and Vision, Emergency Moves, Long String-Short String Tempo
  • Middles: Land and Go, Slide and Flash, Jamball/Joust/Flush, Eyework and Timing, Blocking Transitions
  • Outside/Rightsides: Off the Net Attacking/Decision-Making, Situational Contact Points, High Ball Delay, Risk Management
  • Libero/DSs: Tip Pursuit, Pick a Side, Seams/Affirm/Aggression, Out-of-System Setting, Overhead Digging

Feedback was phenomenal and there wasn't much better than the teams successfully executing something they learned and chanting "TPT".

Attacking Chart


As a setter, I was able to work on my mechanics and get a lot of reps with the coaches really focusing on helping me improve specific skills.
- Regan T.

TPT really helps you understand more behind your skills and how to use them. It was also helpful to get in a lot of reps and practice.
- Kenzie C.