Showdown in the Smokies 2023 Recap

May 9, 2023

Awesome weekend in Tennessee! Between Knoxville and Sevierville we had twelve teams competing. Showdown is loaded with talent and provided a great environment for our teams. Below, you’ll see a snippet from each head coach on their team’s performance.

18 Teal

We had some really great moments in our last tournament as 18 Teal. Showdown had some really great teams we competed with this weekend. Although we didn’t finish the tournament and season out as strong as we wanted, we had a really great season overall. I can’t wait to see each of these girls thrive academically and on their college teams!

18 White

This weekend was full of a lot of great playing for 18 White! We had some incredible plays and runs from the girls. Showdown had some tough competition but we made a lot of great plays to finish out our last tournament of the season. Morgan and Ty are so proud with the growth each and every one of the girls has shown this season. Can’t wait to see what life brings them next! #18whiteout

17 Teal

We had slow starts in all 3 matches on Saturday, and I implored the girls to consider why that might be. I have as well, and have thoughts I’m excited to share when we’re back. We’ve had a number of injuries and quite a few girls making college visit and/or attending prospect camps, so I think our spring break is coming as a great time. We’re going to come in physically and mentally refreshed and ready to go into the last two tournaments.

17 White

17 White had a great weekend in TN! Going into another weekend with heavy love for our middles and right sides. Over this two day tournament, our middles and right sides shared 68% of our attempts! We’re approaching the back end of our season so this week we plan to stay healthy in and outside of the gym and come back ready for Spartanburg next weekend!

17 Black

17 Black started day one with a tough first matchup, down two players and adjusting to unfamiliar positions. We turned things around in the final two matches of the day thanks to some great passing from our DS’s Jadyah Dancy and Grace Agusta. They combined to pass for over a 2.5 over the last matches! We secured Gold bracket going into day two. We played the #1 seed in the first round of Gold and lost a hard fought match. Coach Colten said, “I’m very proud of the way our serve receive progressed throughout the weekend and the way our setters stepped up to the challenge of playing front row, being down two players. That’s exactly what you want to see going into the final stretch of the year.”

16 Teal

This weekend in Showdown, we had our fair share of both low and high points. Our blocking was a highlight of this weekend, timing, press, ad hand placement looks really good and translated into more blocks than previous tournaments! On day one, we were in a very tough and talented pool, but we were able to remain competitive. We took our first match to three with the entire team hitting a combined 0.520 in the second set to push a third! Some weak spots this weekend was a consistent pass in serve receive and finding different ways to score, but we’ll be working on both this week going into the SC Grand Prix.

16 White

16 White had a great day one, going 2-1 and making it into gold for day two! In set one on day two, we adjusted well, in serve receive especially, and cleaned up some serve and pass to push it to three sets. Although we fell short in that match, the girls came out firing in match two, falling short in two very competitive sets. We need to clean up serving going forward. Not only getting it to the other side in the court with some pace, but also serving spots and people to create better opportunities for us on defense. Overall, good showing for us, finishing 7th. Looking forward to Spartanburg!

16 Black

16 Black faced a challenging weekend in Gatlinburg with multiple players playing new positions. As different as it was, these girls stuck to the basics and hustled for every single ball. We also worked together to keep each other confident through the tough games. Overall, we’re so proud of these girls after a successful weekend, finishing fifth overall. We’re excited and getting ready for Spartanburg!

15 Teal

What a weekend down in TN! 15 Teal’s biggest highlight from this weekend was tough serving. One day two alone, we had 26 aces!! Sam served 84% in system that match and counted for seven of those aces. Coach Meghan had this to say about this past weekend, “we’ve learned to play super cohesively as a team and have great on and off court relationships!”

15 White

15 White had an interesting weekend down in Tennessee! We played teams with crazy hustle and determination that we all concluded was going to be something we set our sights and expectations to have for ourselves. Going forward, we want to be able to create that eagerness and drive for ourselves. We were a bit high error this weekend which we will work to get under control going into South Carolina Grand Prix. Going forward our focus will be on making sure to have fun, taking every opportunity to score, and keeping an unbreakable drive.

15 Black

This weekend was a great learning experience for 15 Black, having a couple of our girls playing their first tournament in different positions. We came together to compete in the Gold bracket and beat some really great teams! Coach Ilani said, “I’m so impressed with the maturity, confidence and perseverance that the girls showed all weekend!”

14 Teal

14 Teal’s final recap! We had an amazing final tournament in the Smoky Mountains of TN! First day we saw some pretty amazing competition in a three-team pool! We came out 1st in that pool and played a decent team and competitive match in our crossover! We ended up day one 1-2 but still heading to GOLD for Sunday! On Sunday we saw some really good teams but fought hard in those matches. This season has been phenomenal and we have grown so much from the beginning! I hope to see even more growth next season when the kiddos are trying out for 15s!! GO ADVANTAGE!!

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