Recruiting Lab


This season we are launching another Advantage Program to benefit our athletes on the recruiting front. Similar to school, people procrastinate, not all homework is completed, we lose motivation, and/or we feel overcome by not understanding certain material. And the reality of navigating the recruiting process is it requires work on the part of the athlete and thus can feel a lot like what we just described above.

Thus, we are launching the "Recruiting Lab" to provide "study hall" where the time to dedicate to their "recruiting homework" is built into their volleyball weekly schedule. This Lab will encompass a 30-minute session each Sunday after practice where the players need to bring their laptops and utilize their "tutors," JP and Emma, to complete their recruiting tasks. Below are a few of the things we will be learning/constructing/sending:

  • Navigating SportsRecruits
  • Navigating HUDL
  • Constructing Highlight Videos
  • Interest Emails
  • Response Emails
  • Mock Phone Call Interviews
  • Mock Introductions
  • Campus Visit Preparation
  • Need to Ask Questions, Come to Lab!

Our athletes will gain an understanding of the ins and outs of the recruiting process from both the recruit's side but also from the college coach's side. This Lab is meant to provide structured, weekly accountability to tackle your recruiting and find the best fit for your college career! Our Tutors are the best in the area ... they actively recruit 😉 ... and their college programs are pretty good 😉