NEQ Wave 4 & ACPL-Richmond 2023 Recap

April 25, 2023

17 Teal

There were some big bright spots for 17 Teal this weekend In Philly! We saw some of the best ball contact and highest heat we’ve seen from Maddie-she hit .197 for the tournament *chef’s kiss* Kate was also a rock all weekend long, hitting a .217. She showed the attitude of, “set me every ball”, which is a mindset we’re working to instill in everyone. You want every ball, you want to go get every ball, etc.

We need to clean up some small stuff that really starts to matter in competitive games and just closing out teams in general. There are no bad teams, you get teams to play bad. But-you have to constantly earn that. Looking forward to the growth!

17 White

17 White had a very successful weekend in Philadelphia. Starting super strong with a 3-0 sweep on day one and a competitive 2-1 record on day two. Pushing through two days of qualifying play we were awarded a spot in the Gold bracket for day three. Every single player showed that they have the grit to push through fatigue and play tough for the sport they love. We’re continuing to perfect our craft and speeding up our offense. Defense played a lights out weekend. Even with Conigliaro taking a tough shot to the face, she did not let that stop her. Back to practice to dominate again Next weekend at the Showdown in Tennessee!

16 Teal

16 Teal showed improvement this weekend in open at NEQ. Most impressive were the quick and effective implementation of adjustments-namely tempo changes, defensive structure shifts, and offensive decision making. We struggled in serve receive early in the tournament but found a groove partway through day two and rattled off three victories in a row. More improvements to come!

16 White

16 White had a tough weekend at NEQ. We didn’t play as well as at Big South, but it gave us a few more things to focus on heading into Showdown. Our main focuses heading into Showdown will be serve receive, limiting errors, and finding ways to score. It is also important to know when to go for it and how to get out of tough spots. We made some great defensive plays and had long rallies that we hope to transition into points for us sooner.

15 Teal

15 Teal had a very successful weekend in Richmond, dropping only one set in 11 sets! Genevieve hit our team’s second facial of the season (yay!) and hit some absolute bombs in our championship match. Every single girl on our team played great and worked hard this weekend. From Meghan, “I love seeing the girls’ ability to grow as the season goes on. I’m very lucky for the talent and overall human beings that these girls are.”

15 White

15 White had a fantastic tournament. We made it to the gold bracket and ended up playing 15 Black in a very competitive three-set match. Mal said, “I want to shoutout Lauren Wilkinson and Mallory Vereb for stepping up and playing middle this weekend!” Each of our girls were ready to go when they were called upon, which is huge at 15s.

15 Black

We make it to the gold bracket for the first time this season and we couldn’t be prouder of their performance. We’re doing so well overcoming adversity and learning to fight as a team!

Campbell Smith was our stand out player with double digit kills in every match played this weekend!!! Coach Ilani and Paige proud of the new “no fear” attitude the girls are developing. We’re looking forward to continued growth.

14 Teal

ACPL-Richmond was not our most successful tournament of the year, but did teach us a couple lessons while playing older teams:
1. We all could improve on remaining composed and just playing volleyball
2. Having fun. This is 14 year old volleyball it should be about having fun and seeing growth
1. Our service pressure from the beginning of the season until now has vastly improved!
2. Serve receive and defense have been a huge area of growth and improvement
Can’t wait to see how Showdown goes!

14 White

14 White had a great start on Saturday going 2-1, landing us in the gold bracket for our last tournament. On day two we played some amazing volleyball. Unfortunately we lost in the semifinals after a tough three set match! The growth that these young ladies have made so far is amazing. We are extremely proud of them! Looking forward to AAU’s.

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