Morgan Prots

January 21, 2021

Morgan Prots graduated high school early to start playing for the University of Mount Olive in January of 2021. Entering her third season, she has racked up an All-Tournament team conference award and the Hustle and Effort award presented by UMO. She hopes to acquire an All-Conference team which she is so deserving of :)!

Outside of volleyball, Morgan is studying Elementary Education and one day wants to be a principal. She is very very passionate about the public school systems in North Carolina and hopes to change the way they are operated one day. When she is not skinning her knees on the court or teaching 3rd graders math, you can find her laying in her bed with a book and her two cats Oscar and Tyler.

Morgan’s goal for her first year of coaching is to help athletes make progress in their abilities, but most importantly to ensure that every athlete finds joy in this sport. Morgan is very excited to teach the sport she loves and learn more about herself and others in the process!