Megan Paulk

August 1, 2021

Megan is ecstatic to join Carolina Advantage. She has been coaching club volleyball for 8 years at a multitude of levels from 17 open to regional 12s.

Megan is an NC State graduate with her BS and MS in accounting. She was a member of the NSCU Women’s Club Volleyball Team during all 4 years of undergrad where she played as a middle blocker and right side hitter on the top team. Megan is now an avid beach volleyball player. She loves to compete in sand volleyball tournaments around the region. Megan is also an active volunteer at Hope Reins where she serves as a session leader on a weekly basis.

Megan’s favorite thing about coaching volleyball is helping players build a love for the game and teaching them to play the sport creatively. She is a huge believer in high-energy, game-like practices where players are getting as many good repetitions as possible.