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Carolina Advantage’s first annual College Recruiting Showcase will take place Saturday July 22nd from 10am-1:30pm at Netsports. Our vision for the actual session is to run a pretty typical practice for us using our Carolina Advantage staff, depending on attendance and positions we’d fine tune something like the following:

  • Little warm-up to get us moving, talking, competing
  • Into some positional work and teaching
  • Back into some translating our position work into competition (scoring variations, mini games, etc.)

Then after the 2/2.5 hours of practice we’d set-up a microphone and seating area for our college coach guests to answer questions on the recruiting process, training at the college level, etc. We have recruited a range of division and levels to expose our attendees to the similarities in the process and some of the nuances between them.

Everyone will be provided a t-shirt identifying their class (e.g. graduating in 2025 in red, 2026 in blue, etc.) and then having some ability to actually identify the individual with a number on the shirt.

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