Our “Advantages” Programs are the auxiliary programs that ensure a full service product for our athletes and their families. Volleyball players need more than just team practices. Positional training, mental toughness training, strength training, and training in the recruiting world are all necessities for athletes. Click on our Advantages below to find out more!

  • TPT (Technical Position Training)
  • Train Tough (Mental Toughness Training)
  • Recruiting Lab (Preparing For College Volleyball)
  • Goff Performance Workouts

Why Advantage?

This reference has already aged somewhat poorly given the Miami Heat’s 2023 Finals loss to the Denver Nuggets, but as you read this story put yourself in peak 8-seed-Miami-Heat run magic.

JP and I found ourself in a conversation recently with a mother and father to a University of South Carolina beach volleyball player, so essentially alumni to the crazy volleyball scene we have here in the Triangle.

The dad was looking at my hat and said, “So what is ‘Carolina Advantage’?”

A great question from them considering their daughter moved on to college volleyball before our existence. One of our friend’s interjected and said, “Oh I didn’t tell you. You’re looking at the two owners of that great indoor club.”

He said, “Ohhhhh, well what’s Carolina Advantage all about. Give me your pitch!”

After just sending this clip to JP the previous day I did my best Jimmy Butler impression, leaned in like I was speaking to the press in a mic and said, “We’ve got Jonathan Paulk.”


JP and I both had a good laugh and then he proceeds to answer the question in a bit more of a serious capacity.

And well he boiled it down to the Carolina Advantage Director of Training Model:

  • JP and I are both college head coaches (and successful ones at that, read our bios here). And thus our livelihood is learning and developing the best ways to teach and train. The reality of club volleyball is that the majority of coaches don’t pay their bills from becoming the best coach they can be – JP and I do so we really invest in the totality of our program.
  • And so you might be asking, “Well what does that do for me? If JP and Emma never coach my team, then I don’t get the benefits of a full-time coach.”
  • Well that’s true with a lot of club’s models, that their full-time staff or former collegiate coaches, only work with one premier team. Well that’s the second facet to the beauty of our Director of Training Model. JP and I coach within every practice and the head and assistant coaches of every team train our vision for practice every time we’re in the gym. One of our biggest focuses at Advantage is maintaining quality across every team. We’ve spent time at the biggest clubs and that was a huge problem we noticed. Top teams were coached pretty well but it dropped off fast. JP and I plan every practice and we facilitate every practice in pods of 3 teams. I trained both 18s and 17 Teal teams together, at the same time JP trained 17 White, 16 Teal, and 16 White together. Same thing in the later practice session. Each team has 2 dedicated coaches that coach within the practice plan. This ensures that no team is left on an island with coaches that aren’t as strong and we’ve really noticed our coaches improving much faster than anywhere we’ve ever been. It’s a complete win-win, players and coaches constantly improving to get the most out of a season.

So while I was somewhat joking when answering “What’s the Carolina Advantage pitch?” that JP and I were some sort of volleyball version of Jimmy Butler and Kyle Lowery, it’s also the truth. We’re good at what we do and we’ve found a way to maximize that across our teams. So come see us for yourself!