About Us

In Words:

Carolina Advantage was formed to maximize the development and growth of our athletes. We witnessed a hunger to be in the gym more often and develop faster. Carolina Advantage answered that call by providing more team training than any club in the Triangle. Advantage teams this first season received three/four practices, two workouts, and a mental toughness session each week including two team practices, a team competition practice, and a TPT (Technical Position Training) session every other week for focus on our athletes individually outside of the team.

Another focus for us is not stranding our players/coaches on an island. Instead of each team having a wildly different quality of training, JP and Emma write every practice plan and facilitate each practice to ensure whether you are on a Teal team or a Black team you receive the same quality coaching. In addition to having current collegiate coaches run every practice, 84% of our staff has coached or played collegiately. That number increases to 96% if you include collegiate club teams. Our staff can relate with the struggles that athletes go through in the development and recruiting processes.

Just like our athletes, we are invested in the growth of our coaches. In addition to our in house coach trainings, we brought in Joe Trinsey in year one for a 3 day coaches clinic to facilitate the introduction of new ideas and help put us on the same language and cues. This allows coaches and players to float between teams and practices seamlessly and communicate effectively. Many clubs face the issue of coaches calling things by different names but we have avoided that obstacle.

Carolina Advantage is committed to providing the best volleyball training. Come experience it for yourself.

In Actions: