4s League


Find 2 besties, register, and compete!


Athletes register as a team of 3 and are placed with one of our exceptional coaches to complete their 4s team for the night. We’ll tape a slightly smaller court, and then we’ll play 1 set to 15 and conduct a work-up or round robin for the night. The games will move fast, and we’ll shoot to get 5-6 sets to 15 within the 1.5 hours.

Please note only 1 team member needs to register the group, not all 3 registering separately, and it's $90 for the team, not $90 per person thus $30/per person.

Dates & Times

  • 7/9, 6-7:30pm, rising sophomores, juniors, & seniors
  • 7/9, 7:30-9pm, rising 8th graders & freshmen
  • 7/11, 6-7:30pm, rising sophomores, juniors, & seniors
  • 7/11, 7:30-9pm, rising freshmen & 8th graders
  • 7/16, 8-9:30pm, any grade 8th-12th
  • 7/18, 8-9:30pm, any grade 8th-12th
  • 7/23, 8-9:30pm, any grade 8th-12th


  1. Learning a higher level of urgency
  2. Identifying patterns and making reads that our coaches have gained with experience
  3. Getting to compete against faster ball speed


$90 per session

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